i.MX31 Testing RNGA

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i.MX31 Testing RNGA

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i.MX31 Testing RNGA

Random Number Generator - RNGA

Download rng-tools:


This tool tests the link between a random number generator hardware and the kernel's PRNG (pseudo-random number generator).

./ltib -m shell 
LTIB> cd rpm/BUILD/ 
LTIB> cp ~/hwrandom/rng-tools-2.tar.gz . 
LTIB> tar zxvf rng-tools-2.tar.gz 
LTIB> cd rng-tools-2 
LTIB> ./configure --host=arm-linux 
LTIB> make 
LTIB> sudo cp rngtest /tftpboot/ltib/home/

Restart your board and execute this command in the board's console:

$ cat /dev/hwrng | /home/rngtest -c 1000 

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