i.MX31 PDK Board DirectFB

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i.MX31 PDK Board DirectFB

i.MX31 PDK Board DirectFB

To fix LCD problem:

Download DirectFB patches (click here).

Copy patches and kernel spec to LTIB:

tar zxvf DirectFB-patches-specs.tar.gz 
cd specs 
cp kernel-imx31_3stack-2.6.24-DirectFB-LCD-fix.patch /opt/freescale/pkgs/ 
cp kernel.spec.in ~/ltib-imx31pdk-r14/config/platform/imx/

Remove old kernel:

~/ltib-imx31pdk-r14$ rm -rf rpm/BUILD/linux* 

Issue LTIB to decompress kernel and apply patches:

~/ltib-imx31pdk-r14$ ./ltib -p kernel -m prep 

You will see at end:

+ echo Patch #1 (kernel-imx31_3stack-2.6.24-DirectFB-LCD-fix.patch): 
Patch #1 (kernel-imx31_3stack-2.6.24-DirectFB-LCD-fix.patch): 
+ patch -p1 -s 
+ exit 0 
Build time for kernel: 21 seconds

It means which kernel-imx31_3stack-2.6.24-DirectFB-LCD-fix.patch was applied correctly!

Now compile your kernel:

~/ltib-imx31pdk-r14$ ./ltib -p kernel -m scbuild 

Install it on your rootfs:

~/ltib-imx31pdk-r14$ ./ltib -p kernel -m scdeploy 

To fix Touch-Screen

Copy specs to LTIB:

cd specs 
cp tslib.spec ~/ltib-imx31pdk-r14/dist/lfs-5.1/tslib/ 
cp DirectFB.spec ~/ltib-imx31pdk-r14/dist/lfs-5.1/DirectFB/

Remove old directories:

~/ltib-imx31pdk-r14$ rm -rf rpm/BUILD/tslib-1.0/ 
~/ltib-imx31pdk-r14$ rm -rf rpm/BUILD/DirectFB-1.1.0/

Edit your pkg_map and change tslib order. DirectFB needs tslib, then this lib needs be compiled first:

[alan@localhost ltib-imx31pdk-r14]$ vi config/userspace/pkg_map
PKG_TSLIB                                      = tslib
PKG_DIRECTFB                               = DirectFB 
PKG_DIRECTFB_EXAMPLES            = DirectFB-examples 

Now run:

alan@armagedon:~/ltib-imx31pdk-r14$ ./ltib -c 

Then select DirectFB and tslib packages.

To test Touch-Screen

mx31# mknod /dev/input/tslib0 c 13 65 
mx31# export TSLIB_TSDEVICE=/dev/input/tslib0 
mx31# rm -f /etc/pointercal mx31# ts_calibrate 
mx31# df_window



How do i download your patches? The link doesnt work. It takes me to the imx community main page.

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