How to Disable the DM-Verity option in your Android device.

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How to Disable the DM-Verity option in your Android device.

How to Disable the DM-Verity option in your Android device.

To disable the Android dm-verity in the new devices you should have the below.

  • A Window/Linux computer
  • The Android SDK platform-packages tools.

Download the Android Packages tool.

To use the Android kernel or give root access to your Android device, it is needed to have some tools from the Android SDK like ADB or fastboot. To download those tools just go to below web-page:

Go to the “command line tools only” part and download the package.

doc 1.1.jpg

Note: Is recommended to store the content of the zip file in path that you could find without any problem since the Android SDK tools can only be run by the terminal console.


Unlock your Android device.

On the Android GUI go to Settings -> systems -> About Phone

doc 1.2.jpg

At the bottom, you should see the build number of your Android device. Tap it multiple times until appears on the screen that you are a developer now.

Go to the developer options and search for the OEM unlock option. You need to activate that option.

doc 1.3.jpg

Open the power-shell terminal and go to the path where you stored the zip file.


Example for Windows:

cd C:\users\diego\Documents\platform-tools

Then you will use the ADB tool (Adroid Debug Bridge). To use it you need to run adb.exe in your power-shell terminal. To run an executable in the Windows terminal is just with ".\".

Connect the serial download cable to the host computer (the Type C for the i.MX8M and i.MX8MM. The OTG for the i.M6 SabreSD boards).

Open the adb server.

.\adb.exe start-server

See your connected devices.

.\adb.exe devices

You should see your device and the serial number that is assigned to the device.

Then, enter into Bootloader mode.

.\adb.exe reboot bootloader


 doc 1.4.jpg


Note to see if your board successfully entered to Bootloader mode. In your serial terminal, you should see that you are in Bootloader mode.

bootloader serial console.jpg

Once inside the Bootloader mode, using fastboot you can unlock your phone.

First, see if your computer recognizes your board once inside the Bootloader mode.

.\fastboot.exe devices

If you do not see any device, go to Appendix A of the document.

Finally, Unlock and reboot the board.

.\fastboot.exe oem-unlock
.\fastboot.exe reboot


doc 1.6.jpg 



Unlock the dm-verity option.

After the board rebooted. Start again the adb server

.\adb.exe start-server
.\adb.exe devices

Then root the board

.\adb.exe root

After rooting the board, disable the dm-verity option

.\adb.exe disable-verity

After disabling the verity option, it will request you to reboot your board. Just reboot your board.

.\adb.exe reboot

doc 1.7.jpg

With that, you should have successfully disabled the verity option on your board.


Appendix A Update the USB driver (For Windows only)

If your computer does not recognize once you are inside the bootloader mode. What you need to do is update the USB driver. To update the driver, follow the below steps.

First, open your device manager and locate the Universal Serial Bus devices -> USB download gadget.

doc 1.8.jpg

Then press the right-click and select the Update driver option.

doc 1.9.jpg

Select the “Browse my computer for driver software” option.

doc 1.10.jpg

Select the “Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer” option.

doc 1.11.jpg 


Select the ADB Device Model.

 doc 1.12.jpg

And accept to install the driver. After that, your computer should recognize the board being into Bootloader mode.


Appendix B connects your Android device to a Linux computer through ADB.


You could face some adb problems if you want to connect your Android device to a Linux computer. If you want to use adb, the Android image does not allow you due to a permission problem. To make it work, you need to create a new rule for a plug device.

To make the new rule, create a document inside the /etc/udev/rules.d named 51-android.rules. Inside the document write the following:


SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="18d1", ATTR{idProduct}=="d002", MODE="0660", 
 GROUP="plugdev", SYMLINK+="android%n"


Where the ATTR{idVendor} and ATTR{idProduct} is the USB id for the board. To know that information. Write lsusb and your Android device is the one named Google Inc.

doc 1.13.jpg.png

Then reboot your computer. With this new rule, ADB should work as usual.

Hope this document could be useful to someone.

Best regards,


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