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Android HTML5 Video

Android HTML5 Video

What is HTML5 Video?

  • HTML5 video is an element for the purpose of playing videos or movies in HTML5 specification.
  • HTML5 video is intended by its creators to become the new standard way to show video on the web without plugins.
  • Video will be shown inside the web page, like flash.


HTML5 Video Web Page

  • <video> element example

<video src="movie.mp4" poster="movie.jpg" controls>


  • HTML5 video page source example





                     <video src="" width="640" height="480"  controls="true">




HTML5 Video Rendering Path


Performance Data in i.MX6Q with Android ICS

  • With LVDS display, H264@1080p@20Mbps
    • Can reach 30 fps
  • With HDMI 1080p display, H264@1080p@10Mbps
    • Can reach 25 fps

HTML5 Video Website

HTML5 reference document

  • SPEC

  • Wikipedia page

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