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QN908x Capacitive

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I would like to use Capacitive sensing on QN9080C MCU.
I already see AN12190, but this does not help (a lot of details related to source config/compile are missing into this AN).

I have some questions:

1. Is QN908x supported by touch library? Is yes, why touch library is not available in QN908x SDK (SDK_2.2.4_QN908XC for example)?

2. I got touch library because I download SDK_2.9.0_FRDM-KE15Z and I extract the library. I configure my project to include the library and I tried to compile, but I got some compilation error. For example, in "nt.h" file, I have this error:

#if defined(CPU_QN908X) || defined(CPU_QN9080C)
#include "nt_module_cs.h"
#include "nt_module_tsi.h"

Can not find "nt_module_cs.h" file.


I tried to search for a touch library example based on QN9080C, so I can get "nt_module_cs.h", but I have not success.

do you think you will 100% support touch library into QN908x SDK? I expect to find touch library (code and working examples) into latest QN908x SDK.

Thank you

Davide Ferrario

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Davide,


Hope you are doing well. As the QN908x Capacitive Sensing Design Guide states, you should go to NXP Touch Software Website, where you can find the related documentation about the Touch Software. And in the SDK Builder, you can download the latest version of the library in the available platforms.

Hope this helps.




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