KW24D512-USB sniffer trouble

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KW24D512-USB sniffer trouble

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I’m having trouble connecting my USB sniffer to the computer. I’v tried 3 different laptops but no computer can even read that there is a device plugged in (device manager does not show the device under Ports or USB controllers). The USB sniffer stopped working once I unplugged it (accidentally while wireshark was still sniffing with it). I think It’s broken but I wanted to ask if you had any ideas. The light D1 turns green when I plug the device in, but all 3 computers just don’t even know it is plugged in.

These are my troubleshooting steps, none of them worked.

1.       Unplug and plug it back in

2.       Hold Reset button on device

3.       Scan for new hardware in computer management under USB controllers and COM Ports

4.       Hold SW1 button and plug in device

5.       Restart computer

6.       Try another port

7.       Try another computer

If you have any ideas or suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you

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Dear Daniel,

When plugging in the USB dongle, do you see an unknown device under “other devices” or simply nothing?


If you see something like the image above, then you might be missing the proper drivers. You may find them attached in order to repair the existing one or simply uninstall it and re-install it using the new one. You may use either the 32- or 64-bit versions of it, depending in your system.

You mentioned the device was properly working before, correct? While it is unlikely to corrupt the firmware by simply unplugging it, I would not discard such scenario based in your description. If you happen to have a Jlink (JTAG debugger) or a Universal Multilink, then you could try re-flashing the sniffer firmware contained in TestTool 12. That would restore the flash contents.

If you do not have one and the driver did not help, you could always have your boards replaced using our website.




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