JN5189 application problems

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JN5189 application problems

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The application of JN5189 is as follows: 1. JN5189 supports hibernation, can you set different RAM areas for power-down and retention?If yes, can you provide relevant documentation? 2. The SDK version used is SDK_2.6.2_JN5189.By capturing the packet, we can see that when sending data, only the short address of the sending node is carried in the packet. Now we hope that the packet can carry the short address and MAC address of the sending node simultaneously, and the receiver can resolve the short address and MAC address information of the sender in the packet. How to achieve this function?Do we have any proposals to recommend?Thank you very much!
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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi @jack_huang1,

I hope you are doing great.

1. Please look at the power down example that we provide in the SDK.

/* Keep All SRAM banks for warm boot */

            config.pm_config |= PM_CFG_SRAM_ALL_RETENTION;

2. I am not sure if I am following your question. Do you want to send in the payload the short address and the mac address?

I think the next API could help you to request the mac address of the node zps_eAplZdpIeeeAddrRequest

If you already have the short address.




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