Get two NTAG devices (NT3H2211) to talk to one another

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Get two NTAG devices (NT3H2211) to talk to one another

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Hi, is it posible to use one NTAG chip to power up and talk to another?

A bit of background:

I have two NXP microcontroller evaluation boards setup:

  1. QN9080SIP-DK (contains the QN9080-001-M17, a SIP with built-in NT3H2211 chip)
  2. QN9080 DK (contains the QN9080, with no NFC) with a OM23221 board attached (containing a NT3H2211 NFC chip)

I believe these two boards are now effectively the same. The NFC chip is attached to the I2C interface of the MCU in each case.

What i would like to do, ideally is have one of the board wake up the other using NFC. Ultimately, I would like this to trigger a BLE connection, but one step at a time!

Is it possible for the devices to talk to each other in this way? If so, are there and tips/application notes/examples that might be helpful?

Thanks in advance for any help!


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


I believe there is a confusion here, the NTAG I2C it's a passive NFC component, which means that it is not able to wake up another tag, you will need an active device in order to wake up the tag.

I would recommend you to check this webinar in order to fully understand more about this. If you have any other doubt, let me know 



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