A ZigBee module and how to program it

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A ZigBee module and how to program it

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I have a Freescale 1322xNSK-DBG Network Starter Kit with the IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm. I would like to expand the network with a ZigBee module that I can program with my J-Link. I need a suitable module and the necessary hardware to program it from the PC. If the programming hardware has a breadboard for sensor interface to the module so much the better. Do you have ´something to recommend?

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Dear Ole,

If you would like to expand a ZigBee network, you could try with the MKW2x devices. They are recommended for new ZigBee designs.  They could be programmed with the same Jlink that came with 1322x Kits and the applications available work with IAR as well. You may only need an adapter to 9-pin connection (Cortex M adapter), but a 19-pin adapter could also work. You may check it in Segger’s website.

Link: http://www.segger.com/jlink-adapters.html

For further details about the KW2x and the available development boards please visit www.freescale.com/kw2x. You will see there are a TWR form and a USB form boards. You may choose the one that fits your requirements the most. Both could be programmed using the Jlink (TWR board can also be programmed with a USB cable).



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