KW37_38_39 Bluetooth LE Power Profile Calculator Tool

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KW37_38_39 Bluetooth LE Power Profile Calculator Tool

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KW37_38_39 Bluetooth LE Power Profile Calculator Tool

This document provides the calculation of the Bluetooth Low Power consumption linked to the setting of the Kinetis.


The Power Profile Calculator is build to provide the power consumption of your application. It's a mix between real measurements in voltage and temperature. The process is not taken into account which may create some variation.


DISCLAIMER: This excel workbook is provided as an estimation tool for NXP customers and is based on power profile measurements done on a set of randomly selected parts. A specific part may exhibit deviation from the nominal measurements used on this tool.


This document is the summary of all the information available in the AN12459 Power Consumption Analysis - FRDM-KW38 available in the NXP web page.


Several parameters could be fill-in:

  • Buck or bypass mode (DCDC)
  • Supply Voltage (2.4V to 3.6V)
  • Temperature (-40°C to +105°C)
  • Processor configuration (20MHz, 32MHz or 48MHz)
  • 10 different deep sleep modes
  • Different Tx output power (0dBm, +3.5dBm or +5dBm)
  • Data rate (1Mbps, 2Mbps, 500kbps, 125kbps)
  • Possibility to set the Advertising interval, connection interval, scan interval and active scan windows duration
  • Fix the Bluetooth Packet sizes in Advertising and Connection  Tx/Rx payload.


One optional information is to provide an idea of the duration life time on 9 typical batteries.

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