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Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Welcome to NXP Community 

The NXP Community provides the opportunity for NXP customers, partners, and employees to share ideastips, ask, collaborate, and receive input on just about any embedded design topic or technical questionsOur Community will help our customers to innovate and move through the design process quickly and efficiently by using this comprehensive collaboration environment for communication, content creation, sharing ideas, and problem resolution. 

Get expert advice from the developer community. The NXP Support teams monitor these forums to provide answers and listen to your feedback. Anyone can read messages, but only registered members on can post questions, experiences and/or responses. 


Track your progress 

  • Badges: The Badge rewards member on different types of individual actions or activities. Many badges are easy to earn and are awarded as soon as members start participating. Badges help to identify a specific set of skills that a member brings to the community.  
  • Ranks: A Rank rewards member for completing multiple, different and often unrelated actions. While member can achieve multiple badges, member can hold only one rank at a time. A member’s rank is an indicator of the member’s overall status in the community. 
  • Category Experts: Anyone can be a category expert, so we encourage our members to continue participating and helping others. Experts are based on their participation in specific categories or boards 


Avoid creating duplicate posts 
Before posting a new question or idea we encourage our members to use the global search bar to verify if the question or idea is already posted by another user. Icase of finding an existing question or idea, the recommendation is to add a comment in this post letting know the community members that you are also having the same or similar question or idea.  

Creating a new post:  
When posting a question or idea, provide as much information as possible.  
Pay particular attention about stating the problem in the subject line of your post.  Subject lines such as "Please help" or "This does not work" are too vague. A subject line such as "USB is not working with NXP Product" is more likely to attract the attention of someone familiar with the problem. 
Identify the correct forum where the post should be added. This will help other members to collaborate on this post. 
Include smart tag and labels to the post for an easy way to find it through the search engine. 
Remember, all the collaborations can help others. 


Verify your post is Solved 
The posts have the feature to display if it is solved and a quick link to the answer, once you have a new post please follow on track the issue, and mark the reply with the answer even if the answer is yours. 
Remember, all your collaborations are directly reflected on your badges and rank.  
Track your progress in your profile. 


Report inappropriate content 
As a community member, you can help us to keep our Community organic and clean. 

If you find any other user that is posting or replying with topics that don’t matter with our Community, you can report any of these abuses from another user. (Any abuse reported will be monitored by NXP support team). 


Be respectful with other members and avoid issues  
“Keep it civil, folks!”. 

Avoid being banned doing a bad use of the community and features 
Community moderators continually are reviewing the content. Depending on the infraction avoid a strike or a Permanent Ban from our site.  

Examples: grinding kudobetween two users. 

In the NXP community, we want to warranty the respect and the good use of this site. 

Examples of community violations: 

  • Attempting to impersonate staff or other community members 
  • Threats of violence 
  • Hate or racist speech 
  • Transmit JavaScript, active code, data, text, files, links, software, chat, communication or other materials ("content") that is considered to be unlawful or harmful 
  • Repetitive threads or spam with intent to disrupt the flow of discussion 


Visit our FAQ site 

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