The Book of Eli - Microcontrollers, robotics and warp drives

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The Book of Eli - Microcontrollers, robotics and warp drives

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Is it possible to download these videos?, why don't you upload the videos to youtube?, I think, it's better.

Best Regards,

Andres, you need to use the "Internet Download Manager" software to download the videos.

Thanks Juan!!!


Unfortunately it doesn't work :smileysad:

Thanks anyway!!!

There are tools online to 'extract' videos from websites.

Here are two options:  (I can not attest to these sites!  Use at your own risk!!)

Ok, thanks!!!

Unfortunately, they don't work

Thanks anyway

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Is the example code supposed to be able to move the car?

The example code is all the "plumbing" to read the camera and move the motors.  It is up to you to figure out the algorithm.  The videos above give you all the background.   Now it is up to you to use your engineering skills to make the car work!

There might some example code on to help race your car if you look…

Is there pdf version of these videos?

I Am not sure I understand the question. We cannot do a PDF of a video. Do you mean a transcript?

Yes I mean transcript of them.

I am sorry but we have not created a transcript for this. The videos can be downloaded for your to review them quietly and rewind on the instructions and comments

Can anybody help me in downloading the videos? Really need them for watching offline. No download manager worked for me till now. Nor the video converting-downloading sites. Please give me a way to download. I am in desperate need.

you can download using Internet download manager.. open the video first. you can see an option at the top from IDM which says "download this video"..

Eli mentioned in at least one video that the code in the video is available on the site where the video was shared (I assume here on However, I can not find it anywhere. Is there an archive of his code that I can download? Just curious.

Hello Erik,

Yes, the code is shared under the Freescale Cup group, as Real World usage for the Freescale Freedom Development Platform. You can follow this link to access direclty:

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