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The TRK-MPC560xB: MPC560xB StarterTRAK (Development Kit) is a Freescale evaluation board powered by the qorivva chip. The Qorivva microcontrollers family is a set of 32 bit Power Architecture chips.

Which Chip do you have?

The chipset mounted on the boards for the Freescale Cup can vary. Always validate your chipset to know it's full capabilities.
MPC560xB Product Information Page

Difference Highlights:
5604B = 512MB Code Flash; no DMA
5606B = 1MB Code Flash; Has 16-Channel DMA
5607B = 1.5Mb Code Flash; Has 16-Channel DMA

TRK-MPC5604B Hardware Setup

There are several main hardware configuration steps. After installing the battery, once the USB cable has been connected between the evaluation board and PC, it may be necessary to update the chip firmware which requires moving a jumper pin on the evaluation board.

TRK-MPC5604B Hardware Setup Instructions


The Freescale Cup – Lecture 5: MPC5607B Overview
Overview Slides from lecture Overview Slides from Lecture (PDF)
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Other Qorivva Tutorials:

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Board Tips

Important Documents

TRK-MPC5604B User's Manual
TRK-MPC5604BQuick Reference Guide
TRK-MPC5604B Schematics
Reference manual

External Links

TRK-MPC5604B Webpage

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