Are we allowed to build our own control board?

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Are we allowed to build our own control board?

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I'm a little bit confused.  In rules ( we can find:

"The Microcontroller/Microprocessor Board from Freescale Semiconductor is the core control unit. Only the authorized boards are allowed for use during the official race."

and then:

"4. The main microcontroller/microprocessor control board may be modified.

5. Teams are allowed to create custom circuit boards.

6. No auxiliary processor or other programmable device is allowed besides the Freescale microcontroller (see Appendix A for list of authorized controllers)."

I couldn't find Appendix A. But if it exsists, we can build our own board with microcotroller which will replace orginal control boards. Am I right? So the final question is:

Are we allowed to build our own control board?

May the Force be with you:)

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

You can create your own control board (Motor Control) but you are to use the microcontroller board (K40 or MPC5604B) as the board for the overall management of the car.

Section 3 point 3

Additional external circuitry and sensors can be added

Section 3 point 11 is for the control motor board:

Teams must use one of the following motor control options:

a. Freescale H-Bridge such as MC33931or MC33932

b. Discrete analog components

Appendix A is on page 10 and lists the following:


The current processing boards allowed for the 2012-2013 Season are:

• TRK-MPC5604B


The force IS with you!!!

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