T1023RDB Recovery Problem

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T1023RDB Recovery Problem

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Hello, we have a t1023RDB which we accidentally ruined its NOR Flash (We assume this actually, since we are not sure what happened to device, but we just tried to write its nor flash in a block command manner from u-boot).


We are trying to connect to board with J28 jumper removed. It looks like it cannot get any RCW from NOR flash so we start with an RCW override SRAM download connection. This connection given an error, saying that "Failed to correctly configure the JTAG chain". However, i can see that (from the LEDs of front panel, that device has been reconfigured with a new RCW and boot LED is now turned off)


After this point i can only attach to device, using default t1023_sram_init.tcl file, dont know if its useful in this situation. With memory browser, i can see that the NOR memory has necessary values at associated addresses. (i over write them, yet they were what they must be)


Nevertheless, device is not able get any RCW after i disconnect from JTAG, installing J28 jumper. Switch setting on the device are what they should be in NOR boot (the factory default of the board).


My question: is there any way that we can recover our board, or what would be the problem with the board that we are not able to recover it? I am adding the diagnostic .zip file of the Code Warrior if it helps about anything.

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