How to use the SFP+ ports at 1G?


How to use the SFP+ ports at 1G?

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As per question, I am using the T4240RDB and, for compatibility, I would like to use the SFP+ ports at 1G instead of 10G.

Following the fman specs, I added the property fsl,fman-best-effort-port in the dtb, but my switch can't establish the connection (Dell 5324): I tried with auto-negotiation enabled and disabled.

Should I change anything else? Or am I misunderstanding the specs of FMAN?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Line data rate has nothing to do with any FMAN Device Tree properties because it is selected in another module, SerDes.

SerDes mode used for connecting to  SFP+ interfaces is XFI, which is a single data rate protocol. It will not autonegotiate

and switch to 1G. You have to perform  a full reset with another RCW to switch the SerDes lane to SGMII/1000Base-KX.


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