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License free version of CodeWarrior for programming

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Is there a license free version of CodeWarrior just for programming?  We are using CodeWarrior USB Tap.  What binary file extension does it accept for programming file?  We have a supplier who will be testing the hardware that has P1013 processor.  We just need to give the supplier capability to program the NAND flash connected to P1013 via JTAG using CodeWarrior USB Tap.  I am hoping that there is a license free version of CodeWarrior so that our supplier doesn't need to purchase the full license just for programming.

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I had same question as amitkhanna‌ , I'm looking into how we can program NOR flash on IFC bus connected to LS1043A.  In older version of CCS, for other devices, it looks like there were 'fl::' command to deal with the flash directly without using CW IDE.   Now its recommended to use with the ARM cross gdb, but that requires a license.  

Our other idea is to load our code into DDR that has flash capability, and just run that.  I would like to know how to load elf or bin to memory and run using just CCS.

I contact Segger, and they don't support the Cortex A53, LS1043A yet, but soon.  Also, looking at the link to P&E Micro, they don't have the LS1043A, A53 core listed yet either.  Maybe we can get a free license for one year until other JTAG device programmers specifically for production become available?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Amit,

Unfortunately we don't have free version of CodeWarrior allowing flash programming.

The Power Architecture is supported via CodeWarrior for Networked Application tool chain.

You will find more information in the link:

    CodeWarrior Dev Tools for Networked Apps|NXP

In the past the Power Architecture was supported in the Standard Developmen Suites.

May be you're using this version.

If you're using a Floating license file you can give access to your supplier to this license file too.

Another solution is to use a Flash Programmer tool.

There are some tools doing that.

For instance, P&E has solution using Cyclone device.

    P&E Microcomputer Systems: Over 30 years as an Industry leader in Embedded Systems Development Tools...

Have a great day,
NXP Technical Support
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