MPX2450GP Problem

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MPX2450GP Problem

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Customers use MPX2450GP now,The maximum pressure endurance value nominated in the manual is 250kpa. 

Customers want to confirm below part:

1.What is the maximum withstanding voltage of 2450 without damage? 

2. Will it affect the future work of the device when the instantaneous pressure reaches 400 kPa ?

Many tks!

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Lyman,

First, you are talking about the MPX4250, correct?

1. Voltage or pressure? The maximum supply voltage is 5.35V. The pressure range the MPX4250 is able to sense is 0 - 250kPa and the maximum pressure the MPX4250 can be exposed to without being damaged is 1000kPa.

2. No. It is below the maximum allowed pressure (1000kPa), the output will just be saturated at its maximum value of about 4.9V.

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