FXLC95000 Strange behavior after sending "boot to flash" sequence.

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FXLC95000 Strange behavior after sending "boot to flash" sequence.

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Hello everyone!

I have KITFXLC95000EVM board and Demo project "AccelMag_Project". I send command "Boot to flash" via Mailbox Tool:

29 00 FF FF FF FF

and I have answer from FXLC95000. After that I can make settings for sensors and I can read sensors data. Everything is good.

Bun then I try to make it in my own real device I have stange behavior of FXLC95000CL:

I send:
00 00
Everything is good. I have device info answer. Then I try to send
29 00 FF FF FF FF

But there are NACKs after 29 00 on FF FF FF FF. After that KITFXLC95000EVM does not work. After that I have FF-answer on all my commands untill I make power reset!!!
After that I can read device info with command 00 00 again. And I have normal answer on all my commands except 29 00 FF FF FF FF.
Picture of command is in the file.


So my question is: How to make it works???

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It sounds like your executable image may have some problems executing.  Can you use the debugger to step through your code?  There are a couple of possibilities:

1.  Your code is getting some sort of Hard Fault that prevents it from continuing to execute once it is booted.

2.  Your code does not implement anything that writes to the mailboxes - (either via the ISF Command Interpreter  APIs or by direct mailbox writes)

Your Logic Analyzer decode doesn't look quite right to me, but since we know that you are able to send 0 0 in ROM mode and get device info back and that you can send 29 00 FF FF FF FF and have it stop responding (which to me says you are indeed booting to FLASH, but there's something wrong with your flash executable)

I'll try to put my LA on it and observe the BOOT TO FLASH command adn see what mine decodes.  I probably won't get to that until Thursday however.

Bottom line - I suggest using CodeWarrior to step through your code (Using the P&E multilink debug probe) and see what is happening in your program.

-Jim McGlasson