Expectations to MPR121

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Expectations to MPR121

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Hi everyone,

i've played around with a MPR121 Touch Sensor. I'm not sure what i can expect from the touch sensor, so i would ask other community members about their experiences with the sensor. What is the biggest distance from a sensor field and a finger to recognize a "touch". Is it possible to mount an OLED display in front of the sensor field?

Best Mario

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi!  I have had success using the MPR121 with 5x5mm copper buttons and 2mm overlay.  I also found the proximity detection feature to be helpful as it ties the buttons together into one net.  For an array of 12 small 5x5mm buttons I found that this could detect a hand approaching at about 2cm.  Overall the device is not extremely sensitive but is effective for small buttons with non-conductive overlays.  I have not tried an OLED display, but my guess is that the buttons would not work through the display, maybe try ITO on a clear film on top of the OLED display with "traces" in the shape of buttons.

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