Accelerometer: MMA8491 Breakout Board

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Accelerometer: MMA8491 Breakout Board

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Accelerometer: MMA8491 Breakout Board

The MMA8491Q is a low voltage, 3-axis low-g accelerometer housed in a 3 mm x 3 mm QFN package. The device can accommodate two accelerometer configurations, acting as either a 45° tilt sensor or a digital output accelerometer with I2C bus.

     • As a 45° Tilt Sensor, the MMA8491Q device offers extreme ease of implementation by using a single line output per axis.

     • As a digital output accelerometer, the 14-bit ±8g accelerometer data can be read from the device with a 1 mg/LSB sensitivity.

The extreme low power capabilities of the MMA8491Q will reduce the low data rate current consumption to less than 400 nA per Hz.

Here is a Render of the MMA8491 Breakout Board downloaded from OSH park:


Layout Design for this board:


If you're interested in more designs like this breakout board for other sensors, please go to Freescale Sensors Breakout Boards Designs – HOME

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