Accelerometer: MMA690x Breakout Board

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Accelerometer: MMA690x Breakout Board

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Accelerometer: MMA690x Breakout Board

The MMA690x, a SafeAssure solution, is a dual axis, Low g, XY, Sensorbased on Freescale’s HARMEMS technology, with an embedded DSP ASIC, allowing for additional processing of the digital signals.

Here is a Render of the MMA690x Breakout Board downloaded from OSH park:


Layout Design for this board:


In the attachments section, you can find the Schematic Source File (SCH), Schematic PDF File, Layout Source File (BRD), Gerber Files (GTL, GBL, GTS, GBS, GTO, GBO, GKO, XLN) and BOM files.


If you're interested in more designs like this breakout board for other sensors, please go to Freescale Sensors Breakout Boards Designs – HOME

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