How To Play With SE050 via CL Interface

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How To Play With SE050 via CL Interface

How To Play With SE050 via CL Interface

SE050 supports communication with the host controller through an I2C interface, and it also has a connection for a native contactless antenna, providing a wireless interface to a NFC reader such as the NFC smartphone.


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The contactless interface is an ISO14443-A PICC interface, and NFC readers can send SE050 APDU commands directly to SE050 based on the ISO14443-4 protocol. These APDU commands will be processed by the SE050 in the same way as if they were sent through I2C. The SE050 in Variant C has the contactless interface enabled.


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Actually any kind of NFC reader supporting ISO14443 can play with SE050, not limited to a NFC smartphone, so this demonstration will use the demo board of PNEV5180B( ) and the tool of Cockpit( ) to build up the communication channel with SE050ARD( ).


There is no hardware setup for PNEV5180B board, just keep the on-board jumper settings as default as well as the embedded firmware , by which we may easily connect with this board via the Cockpit.



There is some hardware configuration for SE050ARD board indeed, so that we may change the interface from I2C to the native antenna. Please refer to 4.4.1 in , and you will have it like the following:


Referring to ISO14443-A spec, the handshake always starts at 106 kBd/s, so please load the correct protocol as below:


and please don't forget to turn on the RF before the communication:-)



At first, we need an ISO14443-3a actication, which can be easily accomplished by clicking the button as shown below.


Then we may do the ISO14443-4a activation before sending the APDU commands, just as we do above, but we may choose a higher baud rate supported by SE050 in this case, so here we select 848 kBd/s.


and then we may have the ATS from SE050.


Now the SE050 is ready to receive the APDU commands, here we show how to send Applet Selection and GetVersion command to SE050, and any other APDU commands specified in can be issued like this.


Applet selection: 00 A4 04 00 10 A0 00 00 03 96 54 53 00 00 00 01 03 00 00 00 00 00



Get Version: 80 04 00 20 09


Please also note in this demo, the communication channel is plain which is not recommended for production use. Secure channel on Platform or Applet level is recommended in a real application. Please kindly refer to for more details.

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