S32K1xx - SM_075

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S32K1xx - SM_075

NXP Employee
NXP Employee


Questions on this Safety Manual Assumption:

1. Who normally provides the FT-COM layer?  Is it Vector?

2. How does a customer confirm that they meet this assumption?  What would it look like?

3. Is this relevant only for Fault Tolerant CAN or any CAN bus including CAN-FD?

Thank you,


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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello John,


Please find some answers below: 

1. The FT-COM layer means Fault-Tolerant Communication Layer which is a set of application level software components used to detect and recover from faults that are not handled by hardware. This FT-COM layer is created by the customers or can be provided by several vendors. Refer to SM_051 for more details.

2. The [SM_075] means that as the FlexCAN module and CLKOUT feature can use the SOSC as clock source (coming from an external component), any clock failure must be detected by the FT-COM layer. When you are able to detect the failures of the SOSC in the FT-COM layer, the assumption is fulfilled.

3. It is applicable for all CAN protocols including CAN-FD.


Hope these answer the below query.


Kind Regards,


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