ASIL D && Ethernet Communications

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ASIL D && Ethernet Communications

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Hi SafeAssure Community: 

This question around automotive ethernet on the S32-G2 and how it can be used in a functional safety environment. 


My current understanding is that only the non-realtime cores of the S32-G2 can communicate with its PHY, meaning the G2 should not be used to communicate on Automotive Ethernet for anything safety-critical (i.e. ASIL-D) (as only realtime OS can be safety critical?). I'm guessing I must be missing something fundamental as I can't imagine that NXP would make this design decision.


Please can you confirm we can use the G2 for ASIL-D-level ethernet comms, and if so, why/how?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi there,


All cores on the S32G2 can communicate with either the PFE or GMAC, so any of the cores can be used for ethernet communication. The safety concept for ASIL D ethernet communication is that end to end protection will be applied and verified by an ASIL D core. Assumption 24559 in the Addendum attachment to the safety manual describes this.


Many thanks,


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