how to update the APP with A/B swap bootloader

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how to update the APP with A/B swap bootloader

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According the unified bootloader, App A should place into[ 0x00014000u, 0x00080000u] while App B in[0x00080000u, 0x000EF000u]. I build the APP with the link file (.ld) in App A( the start address is 0x14200), if the booltoader do not define 'EN_SUPPORT_APP_B', the bootloader works well and it could jump the app(address 0x14601).

However, if I EN_SUPPORT_APP_B, the app will be transfered to the App B addr [0x00080000u, 0x000EF000u], and I tried to modified the App info palced in 0x80000 and let it jump to 0x80601, the APP could not work but reset itself.

On the other hand, I do not change any code of APP but modified the .ld file to build the app in App B(the start address is 0x80200), the app could also jump success and work well.

I do not know how to deal with this situation that I only build the app code in App A (the start address is 0x14200) and the bootloader transfers the code to A or B and run the app?



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