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S32DS component inspector

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I want to use component inspector to create code, but it show no project focused, filtering disabled.

when i click project->generate processor expert code, it alert no active project selected in project panel.

so how to actice one project? thank you very much

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


you have baremetal example without SDK included, so you cannot select any component.
SDK can be added, right click on project name -> Properties and select SDKs -> choose desired SDK and click on Attach/Detach... to attach this SDK into your project.

Probably this option will not be available as the demo example was created based on GCC 4.9 toolchain for which SDK is not available. You need to have project created with GCC 6.3 toolchain.

So you will need to create new project where you can select SDK directly and later copy needed c/h files.

BR, Petr

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