debugging session not starting for s32 design studio

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debugging session not starting for s32 design studio

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after installing the s32k design studio , if we use normal gcc compiler then the debugging session is working fine , in debugging session board is detected automatically and all the details are already filled, but the same thing if we try to do after installing IAR plugins and the IAR compiler the debugging session is not starting and also in the debugging session board is not getting detected ,


previously when i was using the same IAR compiler and the plugins the ide used to work fine but after i installed one of the plugin this issue is coming, i even uninstalled the ide and reinstalled it and all the things that i have done previously but the same issue is coming .

i have installed sdk : S32_SDK_RTM_3.0.0

and using S32K144 EVB for checking this project.


here are some screenshots





if any one know the solution to fix this issue please let me know the steps to solve .

thanks in advance,


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