S32K144 Flash ECC

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S32K144 Flash ECC

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We have a qustion about Falsh ECC.

1. [SM_119] The Flash memory ECC failure reporting path should be checked to validate if detected ECC faults are correctly reported.

As my understanding, this can only check the flash ECC report path, but cannot check the ECC logic circuit correctness, right?  So, what if we use over-program(wirite twice without erasing) method to inject fault to detect ECC function?

2. For SRAM, there is EIM to test ECC funciton in FTTI to avoid ECC correction mechanism directly violate the SG(as below). How to consider flash ECC correction function, since EIM do not support in flash? If we use the over-program method. It will be easy to damage the flash owing to flash life limitation.

屏幕截图 2021-01-12 173256.png

Thanks and BR.



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