S32K118 controllers LPUART0 module reception doesn't work via bluetooth.

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S32K118 controllers LPUART0 module reception doesn't work via bluetooth.

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=> I'm working with 'FS32K118' controller "EVALUATION" board. And i'm flashing the code onto the Controller using IAR IDE.

=> 'LPUART0' transmission and reception works fine with "Serial port" and "Other Controllers".

=> The UART communication via 'BLUETOOTH' when performed with other microcontrollers works efficiently, but the same "BLUETOOTH" when used with "FS32K118" evaluation board for UART Communication using 'LPUART0' module doesn't work. The transmission works but the reception doesn't work. I have tried configuring the "LPUART0" with all the possible baud rates.

=> I have used the same "BLUETOOTH" with "FS32K144" controller for "LPUART0" and it works efficiently.

=> Can you please provide with any solutions on this as soon as possible?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


LPUART0 does work correctly in S32K118 with the serial port, correct? Could you please try setting a different LPUART to work with the Bluetooth, for example, LPUART1? Does the problem persist once you change the LPUART?

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