ADC with PDB Triggering Question S32k144

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ADC with PDB Triggering Question S32k144

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I am using S32k144 and i want to configure ADC to be triggered with PDB timer which got triggered with TriggerMux.

I want to use ADC without polling for the COCO flag, and without interrupts also, just a timer triggers pdb timer which triggers.

I have some questions:

1- To be able to do that, is it mandatory to configure ADC to work with DMA?

2- If not, am i getting the idea right? if yes, how should the configuration process go?

3- Is there an example for that?

That's for now, appreciate your kind support.

Thank you.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


you cannot trigger ADC by PDB without reading ADC results. Words from the RM...

"When a pre-trigger from a PDB channel n is asserted, the associated lock of the pre-trigger becomes active. The associated lock is released by the rising edge of the corresponding ADCnSC1[COCO]; the ADCnSC1[COCO] should be cleared after the conversion result is read, so that the next rising edge of ADCnSC1[COCO] can be generated to clear the lock later."

1) to do not operate with interrupt or polling flag the DMA usage is advisable

2-3) you can refer to Example S32K144 PDB ADC trigger DMA ISR S32DS or SDK based example .

BR, Petr

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