S32K311 UART Idle state Interrupt

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S32K311 UART Idle state Interrupt

S32K311 UART Idle state Interrupt


 The purpose of this demo application is to present a usage of the
 UART IP Driver for the S32K3xx MCU.

 The example uses LPUART0 for transmit 20 packets with each packet of 21 bytes using the Interrupt in cyclic order. Also when receiving UART packet generate Idle interrupt when variable length of data is received.

I used coolterm tool to send the string of data. If Data send by cool term is less than 20 bytes which is set by API call Lpuart_Uart_Ip_AsyncReceive(), then Ideal interrupt is received

RTD driver modified in RTD --> Lpuart_Uart_Ip.c.

Baudrate : 921600
* Test HW: S32K31XEVB-Q100
* MCU: S32K311
* Compiler: S32DS3.5
* SDK release: RTD 3.0.0
* Debugger: PE micro
* Target: internal_FLASH


Idle Interrupt received :--




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