Automotive Electrical E-compressor Aircon RDB based on S32K142 Released

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Automotive Electrical E-compressor Aircon RDB based on S32K142 Released

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Automotive Electrical E-compressor Aircon RDB based on S32K142 Released


EV/HEV is the mega trend and NXP focused area. E-Compressor controller is a key and additional component of EV/HEV vs. traditional vehicle. While S32K14x is the perfect product for mainstream E-compressor application. To accelerate customer develop period in automotive E-compressor application, we develop the S32K142-ECC RDB. Actually, S32K142-ECC is not only suitable for E-compressor, but also can be used in other high voltage PMSM/BLDC application in automotive industry.


This RDB (Reference Design Board) hardware is based on NXP S32K142 high-performance automotive-grade MCU and UJA1075A SBC (system basic chip) provides the following features:

◼ Support high voltage up to 400V and power range up to 3.7kW BLDC/PMSM applications.
◼ Support high voltage isolated 12V power supply, which for SBC, IPM and MCU power supply.
◼ Hardware support 3 types of current sampling solutions: single shunt, dual shunts and triple shunts; software support dual shunts in V1.0.
◼ Support multiple diagnose and protection covering UV, OV, OT, OC, Short, Stall Detection, etc.;
◼ Support speed/control commands from CAN/LIN/FreeMASTER;
◼ Support external watch dog for safety.

the RDB hardware system block diagram is as below:


The software package of S32K142-ECC RDB is available to enable user to evaluate the S32K142 based high voltage e-compressor motor control performance with out-of-box and build their own e-compressor motor control product prototype as a general high voltage motor control hardware platform.

The software package has the following features:
◼ Support e-compressor control by FreeMASTER CAN/UART;
◼ Support e-compressor speed control and state feedback by CAN DBC file;
◼ Implemented advanced motor control algorithm, including low speed torque compensation, MTPA, 2-stage current alignment and enhanced ATO to make sure the motor robust start up and high efficiency;
◼ Support rich motor control diagnostic and protection: OV, UV, OC, OT, stall and phase loss and so on;
◼ Provide S32DS IDE and IAR for ARM IDE projects, support U-Multilink and J-LINK debugger;

We have several S32K142-ECC RDB in stock, if you have the project and need the RDB for evaluation, please contact your local NXP or NXP dist FAE, Sales and Marketing.

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