SPI Driver Initalization Problem for MPC5777M

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SPI Driver Initalization Problem for MPC5777M

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Martin Kovar#spi driver for mpc5777M, #SPI Protocol

Hi Martin,

          Based on the code for MPC5775k you shared, we have made necessary changes to fit the code for MPC5777M, Changes were made on:

1. System clock.

2.Peripheral clock.

3.GPIO's initialization.


We configured SPI_2 as master and SPI_1 as slave and tried to capture the generated SCK output from the master on CRO, but we couldnt get a convincing result on that.


Once the master initialization is completed and halt = 0 is done, we could see the SCK signal getting to the 0v reference line on CRO from high state(5v), we are bit confused, how is the SCK output is represented once the master initialization is completed and  captured on CRO.

Could you please review the code and point out the corrections to be made.

Original Attachment has been moved to: spi_code.txt.zip

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee



I created simple DSPI example for MPC5777M. Please check.

Example MPC5777M DSPI_SimpleTXRX S32DS