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S32DS EWL and NewLib

NXP Employee
NXP Employee


So I am new to S32DS and have a problem understanding a few parameters regarding the EWL and NewLib libraries for the project.

I have a general idea as to what the libraries are from  S32DS EWL and newlib standard clarification 

Q1. On creating a new S32R274 Project, under project properties, there following Library supports. What are all these libraries? What id the difference between ewl_c no I/O, ewl_c Debugger console and ewl_c9x? How can I know Where can I get information on all the different specs? 



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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


the I/O and no I/O means that with I/O you can use printf functionality via Debug probe. 

The specs option shows which gcc args set was used for library build. You can find these files in S32DS Instalation - [YOUR_INSTALL_PATH]\S32DS_Power_v2017.R1\S32DS\e200_ewl2\lib\

for newlib are .specs located here: 


Hope it helps. 


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Hello Jiri, 

i am trying to create a c++ project under S32DS for KEA128 Controller with newLib_nano no IO. But when i build the project (empty, just main) the code size is about 47k? did i miss anything to set? i did the same with a C Project and the code size is less than 1k? 

another question: if i do not want to use any printf, strings or any library functions, can i set the library support option to none? if i do this i get many linker errors?

thanks in advance, 


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