S32 Design Studio for Power v1.2 - Update 3 available

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S32 Design Studio for Power v1.2 - Update 3 available

S32 Design Studio for Power v1.2 - Update 3 available





Product Release Announcement

Automotive Microcontrollers and Processors

S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture v1.2, Update 3






September 21, 2017


What is new?

S32 SDK EAR 0.8.1 supporting MPC5748G & MPC5748C.

The new project wizard now offers the new version of S32 SDK:


"New S32 Project from Example" offers additional demos and examples.


The complete S32 SDK EAR 0.8.1 release notes attached below.

Installation instructions

This is a cumulative installer - all previous updates (except previous version of S32 SDK EAR 0.8.0) are included so you do not need to install any previous update.

The update is available for online (Eclipse Updater) or offline (direct download link) installation.

  • online installation
  • offline installation 
    • go to S32 Design Studio product page -> Downloads section or use the direct download linkand download the "S32 Design Studio for Power v1.2 - Update 3" file.
    • Start S32DS and go to "Help" -> "Install New Software..."
    • Add a new "Archive" repository and browse to select the downloaded Update 3 archive file
    • Select all available items and click "Next" button.


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