HOWTO: Install PLS UDE debugger plug-in into S32 Design Studio

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HOWTO: Install PLS UDE debugger plug-in into S32 Design Studio

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HOWTO: Install PLS UDE debugger plug-in into S32 Design Studio

S32 Design Studio (S32DS) for Power architecture supports PLS UDE Eclipse plug-in to debug S32DS projects via a PLS probe directly in S32DS Eclipse IDE.

This feature is supported by all versions of S32DS for Power.


This plug-in supports the features below:

  • Seamless integration of complete functionality of Universal Debug Engine inside of the Eclipse IDE
  • UDE provides an own perspective of the Eclipse IDE and integrates UDE workspace in Eclipse workspace
  • Code breakpoint can be set either by C/C++ editors or by UDE specific functions

For more details about the plugin read  "UDE Eclipse datasheet" located in the download section of PLS web site.


Installation instructions

First of all make sure you have PLS UDE debugger installed on your computer. Then let's proceed to eclipse plug-in installation.


1. go to menu "Help" -> "Install New Software" and  click on "Add..." button and search PLS UDE installation folder for the archive file named ""


2. select the Universal Debug Engine component and click "Next"



3. Finally you proceed to the installation. You will be asked to confirm installation of unsigned content. The UDE plugin requires restart after the installation.





Create a new project with UDE 

You should be able to create a new S32DS project via S32DS new project wizard where PLS UDE Debugger support is now available.


The UDE plugin enables a new group of UDE eclipse debug configurations to manage (create, delete, adjust)


The UDE debug configuration created with a new project requires some changes before you can proceed to debugging.

1. Enter a new UDE workspace name under "<Project>\.ude" folder by clicking on "New Workspace" button

2. Create a new UDE Target configuration file.

  • click on "Create Configuration" button and select "Use a default target configuration" and your target MCU. (in this example MPC5744P).
  • Save the configuration file into your project folder e.g. "<Project>\Project_Settings\Debugger\nxp_mpc5744p_cut2_debug_jtag.cfg"



Running the debugger opens UDE specific debug eclipse view where you can benefit from many advanced debugging features including tracing, scripting...


Enjoy debugging with PLS UDE Eclipse plug-in in S32DS!

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