HOWTO: Create FreeRTOS project in S32 Design Studio

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HOWTO: Create FreeRTOS project in S32 Design Studio

HOWTO: Create FreeRTOS project in S32 Design Studio

This document describes, how to create FreeRTOS project for S32K144 microcontroller using S32 Design Studio v1.3 ARM and S32K144_SDK_gcc 1.0.0 RTM. Be sure, you have correctly installed all available updates.

S32 Design Studio for Arm v1.3 - Update 1 available 

S32 Design Studio for Arm v1.3 - Update 2 available 

S32 Design Studio for Arm v1.3 - Update 3 & 4 available 

1) Create new project. Choose S32K144 microcontroller. Click Next.


2) Choose NewLib Nano Library, and choose S32K144_SDK_gcc RTM 1.0.0. Click Finish.




3) Open project properties and click Target Processor tab. For Float ABI, choose FP instructions (hard).


4) Open Component Library, right click FreeRTOS component and add this component to project.


5) Last, Generate Processor Expert Code and compile project.


Now, you can use FreeRTOS component in your project.

Another way is to create FreeRTOS proejct from example. Click New S32DS Project from Example. Choose freertos in S32K144 RTM SDK v1.0.0 Example Projects folder.


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Thank you!!

Hello, could you please also share a HOWTO about creating FreeRTOS project in S32 Design Studio for Power v1.2 - Windows/Linux?  S32 v1.3 is not available for MPC5748g. It looks like there's very limited resource about freeRTOS on MPC5748g, Thanks!


I am not much familiar with RTOS,I have a project developed on S32k144 with out using any SDKs.In the existing implementation delta time is used to run different tasks periodically.Now  I need help to add RTOS functionality to the existing project with  minimal changes. 

Thanks in Advance 


Add RTOS Functionality... with minimal changes

Good luck! Depending on how you wrote your code that's either going to be easy or really hard.

Check out the pdf guides here to find out more about FreeRTOS and how to implement it Free RTOS Book and Reference Manual 

James, Did you got Free RTOS project created for MPC5748G?

I was able to create and got running with S32 V1.2 for MPC5748G. 

1. Create New Project from Example - select example "freertos_mpc5748g".

2. Once project is created - Project - Generate Processor Expert Code.

3. After code generation you can build and debug the same on hardware.

4. once this project is running you can edit main.c file to add your intended tasks and required peripheral initialization. 



When creating a new project, why do we need to create it with the NewLib_Nano library? Why can't we use the EWL library?



For Power PC its EWL library used.

In the screenshots its shown NewLib_Nano but the project mentioned their is

for ARM.

hope this clarifies your doubt.


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