S12XDP512 XGATE limits

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S12XDP512 XGATE limits

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I have some questions about XGATE limits and want to know that the points that I listed below are true or not:
  1.  I can access only the 64KBytes of area from XGATE. I can't access any paged area (RAM - FLASH or EEPROM) from XGATE.
  2.  I can organise this 64KBytes area for XGATE RAM or ROM. I can put my XGATE code in flash or  RAM (in 64KB area). I can configure all of this settings from my .prm file.
  3. So for example can I use 32KBytes for XGATE code in FLASH memory (I know that its slower than RAM)?

Thanks for replies

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee
1/ XGATE can see 64k of the internal memory. Paging is only relevant to the CPU and not to the XGATE. The XGATE can see up to 32k of the RAM - some of this will be visible to the CPU as paged.
2/ You can't change what you see in the 64k map but you can arrange your software in any way you like within this 64k.
3/ You have about 30k of Flash available and yes you can use all of that for code if you want.
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