MM912F634DV2AE to MM912F634DV1AE queries

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MM912F634DV2AE to MM912F634DV1AE queries

NXP Employee
NXP Employee


   Below query is very urgent:

  1. Risk and impact due to EMI- EMC effects on wake-up capable inputs L4 and L5 
  2. Also any other risk due to EMI-EMC on the device, since the Analog Die 1 and Analog Die 2 are different?
  3. Is there a chance of wake-up on L1 or L2 due to EMI-EMC effects on L4 and L5? Once the wake-up is disabled on L4 and L5, there is no issue. Is the undertsanding correct?
  4. No difference in other modules apart from Current Sense and Wake-up on L4 and L5 in MM912F634DV1AE.
  5. Differences in the Memory Section in MM912F634DV2AE and MM912H634DV1AE, details on emulated EEPROM and P and D Flash.

Customer is switching from MM912F634DV2AE to MM912F634DV1AE.

they want to understand the technical differences between MM912F634DV2AE and MM912F634DV1AE. As per DS the visible differences are Current Sense Module and Wake-up inputs at L4 and L5. Pls let me know if anything else should be considered as well.




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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Amit

The customer must NOT have any concern about of EMI/EMC issues or effects, in a replacement from MM912F634DV2AE to MM912F634DV1AE as long as their PCB Layout has:

  • A good GND plane/references.
  • A good PWR plane/references.
  • A good PCB Stack up
  • A good routing/tracing of signals.

Almost all depend on the HW -practices of the customer. From our side we safe.


NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Amit1234,

There are very small differences between V1 and V2 versions as you can see in datasheet. In case the L4 and L5 inputs are not used please deactivate it in software and use pull-ups to avoid EMC/EMI influence.

The differences between those two versions are very small so the EMC/EMI properties could be considered very similar because the final application and running code are in fact the same. Please note the final application must once again pass the EMC/EMI tests when such key component was changed. The result could be the same when mentioned condition are met.

Best Regards,


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