ILLEGAL_BP with 9S12XEP100

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ILLEGAL_BP with 9S12XEP100

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I'm attempting to test a board with an MC9S12XEP100, using CodeWarrior version 5.1. Right now I'm just trying to compile and run a very simple test program, based on the Freescale example program. It compiles ok, and downloads ok to the XEP100, and I can examine memory and registers. BUT WHEN IT DOWNLOAD IN Uc IT SHOWS FOLLOWING LINES IN COMMAND WINDOW:-


And before this problem i had succesfully executed CAN,external MRAM,FLASH,SRAM program.but yesterday i am stuck in this prooblem. I've read most of the posts here about the "ILLEGAL_BP" message, and I'm not making any of the mistakes that others have reported;So please help me regarding this and please guide is this hardware problem or software??? so can make changes according to it. 

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Aniket,

The ILLEGAL_BP error may be caused by a lot of reasons. The most of them described Edward in your second case ILLEGAL_BP with 9S12xep100 

If you create, download and run a new project on the board did you see the same issue?

Could you share your code?

Some useful points can be seen in the document below.

how to debug illegal_bp 

I hope it helps you.

Best Regards,


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