Code Signing for LS1046A

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Code Signing for LS1046A

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I have a bare metal boot code written for LS1046A and I want to make this a secure boot code. 

I am trying to use the NXP provided Code Signing Tool for this purpose. According to the CST User Guide, the code signing procedure is specified for HAB3, HAB4 and AHAB features.

Q1: Which of these is applicable for LS1046A? HAB3, HAB4 or AHAB? 

Q2: Where can I find the fuse map for LS1046A for the location details of the fuse data? 

Q3: Instead of the Code Warrior Debugger, can I use the Trace32 (Lauterbach) debugger to configure LS1046A(RDB) for Secure Boot and can I do fuse programming using Trace32? 

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We have NDA is in place, “NXP File No. 90309”. Can you please share related links,zips for tools and documentation. I have user guide mentioned in the above reply.



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

You seem to be trying to use the i.MX CST with a Layerscape series
device. Please be aware, that there is a different version of CST
for Layerscape's. The tool is part of NXP Layerscape SDK. HAB is an
i.MX concept. Layerscape documentation  talks about Secure Boot and Trust
Architecture. It is basically the same idea as HAB, but not software
compatible to it. LS1046 implements Trust Architecture version 2.1.
You can use any debugger to burn fuses, however, the recommended
way to do it is by using fuse provisioning firmware which is also
part of Layerscape SDK. You do not need the fuse map or other low-level
details to follow this way.  If you want to receive this information
anyway, open a Support Case. Trust Architecture low level details
are specified in QorIQ Trust Architecture 2.1 User Guide which
requires NDA and membership in a special user group.

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I am trying to install Layerscape SDK

1.When i try to run the below command

flex-installer -b bootpartition_arm64_lts_4.19.tgz -r rootfs_lsdk1906_LS_arm64_main.tgz -f firmware_ls1046ardb_uboot_sdboot.img -d /dev/sdx

This is the error that i am getting :
bootpart = bootpartition_arm64_lts_4.19.tgz
rootfs = rootfs_lsdk1906_LS_arm64_main.tgz
firmware = firmware_ls1046ardb_uboot_sdboot.img
/dev/sdx does not exist on this host machine

Should i be connected to the target device while installing LSDK?

2. Is there a version of LSDK for windows?

Since i am using Linux on VirtualBox, I wont be able to connect the target to Linux.



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