Where is _bsp_initialize_hardware() or __pe_initialize_hardware() for Kinetis MK64?

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Where is _bsp_initialize_hardware() or __pe_initialize_hardware() for Kinetis MK64?

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I was wondering, why Processor Expert v10.4.2 is not generating the function __pe_initialize_hardware() or _bsp_initialize_hardware() for Kinetis MK64.

For MK60 the __pe_initialize_hardware() is generated and I can take it into MQX 4.1 setup.

However, when I switch the project to MK64, only function Components_Init() is generated with empty body.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


The Processor Expert provides static initialization code for MK64 derivatives, see the chapter "CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers V10.x > Processor Expert Manuals > Processor Expert User Manual > Application design > Static code support in Processor Expert" in the Help:

Static code support in Processor Expert

This chapter describes static initialization support in Processor Expert. For selected microcontrollers, Processor Expert offers static that is not generated, initialization code consisting of Processor Expert startup code, Peripheral Initialization Components and CPU (processor) component code, Peripheral Device Drivers (PDD) and peripheral memory map.  This feature is currently available for MC56F8200, Kinetis V, Kinetis W families and  MK24, MK63, MK64, MKE06Z128/64, MKE04Z128/64 and SKEAZ128/64 derivatives.  Rest of the Kinetis derivatives support only PDD and peripheral memory map static code.

. . .

Therefore there is a static source code file "Static_Code/System/CPU_Init.c" that contains initialization code (including PE_low_level_init() function).

Best Regards,

Marek Neuzil

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