S32 Design studio configtools warning

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S32 Design studio configtools warning

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When I used S32 design studio for S32 platform config S32G274A,the software configtoos appear same warning:

the power group VDD_IO_QSPI assign 1.8V, and VDD_IO_USB assign 1.8V ,the warning means :

the power group collision at "SIUL2_0", the power group should be assign different voltage,“VDD_IO_QSPI(4 properties)”. Then the config tools cannot update code. When I assign VDD_IO_QSPI and VDD_IO_USB 3.3V, the warning disappear.

But,the reference circuit board  QSPI power voltage is 1.8V  and  USB is 1.8V,I don't know why appear these warning ? Please help me solve this warning , thanks!




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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

All S32G documentation and software is currently under NDA. For this reason, NXP Technical Support cannot answer your questions in a public forum. To receive help with this issue please:

1. Register yourself on NXP Website with your corporate e-Mail account.


2. Open a Support Case.


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