Questions about MP3V5050.

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Questions about MP3V5050.

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I am looking at MP3V5050. I have some easy technical problems.

Different Models have different port number. What is the difference and what do ports do?

There are 8 pins. Which pin is the pin I get output from? And what kind of output will it give me? For example, if the pressure is 1 atm, what will I receive?

What do those DNC pins do?


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Jiequan,

Please have a look at page 1 of the MP3V5050 datasheet that illustrates possible package options.


The MP3V5050DP is a differential pressure sensor measuring the difference between pressures applied simultaneously to both inputs P1 and P2.


The MP3V5050GP/GC are gauge pressure sensors which also perform a differential measurements, but the pressure is applied to the P1 side and is measured against the ambient atmospheric pressure applied to the “P2 or vacuum” side through the vent hole in the chip. Whether to choose an axial (GP) or side (GC) ported package usually depends on application requirements.


Regarding the pin numbering, please look at Figure 1 of the datasheet. Vout is pin #4. With no pressure applied, the output voltage is around 0.12V as you can see in Table 3. At full-rated pressure (50kPa), the ouput voltage is typ. 2.8V.


The NC pins (1, 5, 6, 7, 8) have no internal connection and can be left open/unconnected.  

Best regards,


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