PTN5110 support for Augmented PDO (APDO) / PPS

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PTN5110 support for Augmented PDO (APDO) / PPS

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  1. Does the PTN5110 capable of supporting Augmented PDO (APDO)? 

This question is more of a generic USB PD question: 

  1. If we define a APDO, does a corresponding device also need to request for APDO for it to work? Or could it work with a Fixed PDO? ie. we define Fixed PDO (3A@5V) and APDO (3A@5-12V), the connected device has Fixed PDO (3A@9V). Is it supposed to negotiate so it provides 3A@9V? OR the connected device has to have APDO as well?
  2. How about a variable PDO? Does it only work with a fixed PDO or has to be a variable PDO?



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Ayaka,


PTN5110N allows the source to advertise APDO (programable PDO), and a sink to request APDO (programable PDO). The PTN5110 demo board does not support variable power supply thought. The PDOs on the demo board are fixed at 5V, 9V, 15V and 20V.


Yes, PTN5110N does support sending APDOs messages. The variable power supply must be designed and supported by the system because PTN5110N does not control the variable power supply.




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