PTN3460 Compatibility

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PTN3460 Compatibility

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We are working with the PTN3460 bridge and seem to be experiencing compatibility issues.  The PTN3460 will successfully link with multiple Windows PC computers as a source.  When we use a source that utilizes a MegaChips STDP2600 (HDMI to DisplayPort converter) we can pass EDID information over the AUX channel (once) but are unable to establish a link over the main channels.  This source hardware with the STDP2600 can successfully link with multiple monitors as a sink. For some reason the PTN3460 and the STDP2600 refuse to work together.  Has anyone experienced similar compatibility issues using the PTN3460 and have any suggestions?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Rich,

PTN3460 was designed/tested to work with multiple GPU (Intel, AMD, Nvidia) in Windows or Linux platform.


We had no customers using PTN3460 with sort of HDMI to Display Port converter in Windows OS and never tested such application.


The issue might be related to incompatibility issue with STDP2600 proprietary device driver running on Windows OS, and we only support standard DisplayPort driver which are provided by Microsoft for multiple GPU (Intel, AMD, Nvidia) in Windows OS.

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