How to modify the DDR size of the IMX8MQ chip?

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How to modify the DDR size of the IMX8MQ chip?

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We are using the IMX8MQ development board from Mingyuan Zhirui. The main chip model is MIMX8MQ6DVAJZAB, and the corresponding DDR4 model is MT40A512M16LY-075 DDR4 SDRAM. There are two 1GB sized DDRs, totaling 2GB;
We have reviewed the development board IMX8M-COREBOARD_1560414420. pdf on the official website, CPU model MIMX8MQ6DVAJZAB,DDR4: MT53B768M32D4NQ-062 WT: B, with a total size of 4GB; And after reviewing the reference manual for IMX8, it was found in section 2.1.2 Cortex-A53 Memory Map that the total size is also 4GB; But when we looked through the IMX8 data manual, we saw the Supports up to 8GByte DDR memory space. See the attached screenshot below.
We would like to inquire with you about the maximum memory supported by the IMX8MQ chip? And if we want to replace IMX8MQ to maximum memory, how should we adjust the code or refer to what website? Thank you.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi @ximenbingmeng

Please have a look to the following community article:
i.MX 8M Quad/8M Mini/8M Nano/8M Plus - LPDDR4, DDR4 and DDR3L memory compatibility guide - NXP Commu...

The maximum density described for i.MX 8M Quad is 4GB.

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