Can NT3H2111 Read / Write Passive Tags

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Can NT3H2111 Read / Write Passive Tags

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Hi We are Working on a project with requirement to Read external Passive NFC Tags that are embedded in some device. The Board was pre designed by my customer and is using NT3H2111. I per the customer the designer of the Board says that it is possible to read write Passive NFC tags with this Device, I am trying to READ / WRITE the Tags but it not writing any thing on the TAG. When read the Passive TAGS with NXP TAG Info Android App, it says TAG is empty. I read lot of blogs / projects by people, not none mentions if the Device NT3H2111 can READ / WRTE Passive tags. Pls. let me know if we can read write passive tags with NT3H211 DEVICE . i need to communicate to my customer n case we need to change the hardware design to a different device that can read Passive TAGS

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NXP TechSupport



Hope you are doing well. The NTAG I2C is a passive tag. So what you would need to Read and Write Tags is a NFC Reader. You can find our available readers in this page: NFC Readers.

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