56800E FLASH Programmer - Error Message

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56800E FLASH Programmer - Error Message

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Hello All.

I am hoping someone can help me out.  I have a project that has been in production for a couple years now and uses the 56F8323.  During production we use the USBTap and the standalone 56800E FLASH Programmer that came with the old Code Warrior Studio.

We currently programming a production run and about 1 out of 5 boards is getting the following error:


Anyone seen this message before?  Any ideas what to look for on the board that would cause this error?

We have already tried the usual, Power, reset signal, clock signal and all seems normal.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

It looks more like a hardware problem.

Frist, please check whether USBTAP works well.

The old reversion of USBTAP susceptible to the ESD and the USBTAP is not able to drive The /TRST pin to HIGH level.

So,please pull up the /TRST pin of the JTAG connector. Does this work?

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